Forensic Evaluation of FASD

In 2007 - 2008 Natalie Novick Brown, Ph.D., Paul Connor, Ph.D., Richard Adler, M.D. and Anthony Wartnik, J.D. formed FASDExperts for the purpose of developing a protocol for the forensic evaluation of FASD. Early on, a website,, was created to make the protocol readily available and without cost. In 2010, the protocol was published in a peer-reviewed journal (Novick Brown, N. et al (2010). A proposed model standard for forensic assessment of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Journal of Psychiatry & Law, 38). The FASDExperts never had any actual formal business relationship. It was a collegial effort aimed at establishing best practices in the field. The four principals established the non-profit Streissguth FASD Forensic Institute in 2015. Educational content from the site is to be ported over to the Streissguth Institute’s future website and will be offered to the FAS Legal Resource Center’s site, associated with the University of Washington School of Law in Seattle, WA.